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creatures in the cordillera

Posted on Jun 2 by

Just after a cup of instant coffee in a dusty old colonial-era courtyard on the outskirts of town, a stranger recommended that I check out a particular museum and since I had no...


looking for the president

Posted on Oct 28 by

I was recently in Washington DC to photograph a rally for women’s rights and decided to check out a few of the federal city’s sights while there. One afternoon I took...


getting here

Posted on Jun 25 by

In June, I took a road trip to move myself from California to New York City. The road is kind-of like my second home. These are a few notes from that recent trip. I have driven...


no one who knocked was ever turned away

Posted on Feb 18 by

Marie Laveau was a practitioner and high priestess of Voodoo as well as a beautiful, astute business person and a legendary healer to anyone who would knock upon her door. Born...


young seeker of marxist utopia

Posted on Aug 22 by

Varadero is a surreal place with resorts crowded on a strip of soft, white sand. It is a place were the tourists go to sunburn and drink mojitos, perhaps casting a stray eye to a...